The Daily Caller, which fancies itself a conservative counterpoint to The Huffington Post but isn’t, just published this piece:

FoodPolitik: Controlling Your Food, the Trojan Horse of ‘public health’

With the election barely two weeks away, the nation is focused on what will happen if (when?) control of Congress swings rightward. While some far-reaching elements of Barack Obama’s agenda will face great — perhaps impassible — hurdles on Capitol Hill, that won’t stop the administration from implementing them via regulation, the ultimate end-run around Congress.

The federal government is bursting at the seams with bureaucrats no one ever voted for. Now that Congress has passed Obamacare, and your health is officially a matter for the government to fret over, public health activists will take charge during what may amount to a two-year “lame duck” White House.

Further on, the piece says this:

The coming storm of foodie-elite regulations will be dizzying. The FDA may soon revoke the “generally recognized as safe” status of salt, forcing restaurants and food companies to make everything deliberately bland. We could also see fat, calories, sodium, and sugar levels on the front of every food package — along with red light/green light icons to tell us which option Big Brother wants us to choose.

Message: The food police are at the gates and we’re powerless to stop them.

Funny thing is, the piece was written by Rick Berman, a corporate gunsel for the food/alcohol/restaurant industries – although he’s never identified as such by The Daily Caller.

FoolPolitick, in other words.

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