This is the post Sneak Adtack was born for.

From Ng Huiwen’s piece in The Strait Times:

No sweat: Japanese company sells advertising space on women’s armpits

Looking to promote your brand? No sweat.

A Japanese advertising company has come up with an unorthodox way to get eyeballs for its clients’ products – by placing advertisements on the armpits of young women.

The Wakino Ad Company, which recently began operations, has released photos on its website showing how this ad strategy could be used by recruitment portals, acting schools, detective agencies and more, reported Japanese website SoraNews24.

“Armpit rentals” start from about 10,000 yen ($120) an hour, according to the piece, which adds that “[u]nsurprisingly, the Japanese word for armpit is ‘waki'”.

For many years the hardtracking staff predicted that people would eventually sell their foreheads to marketers (sorry, no links – most of our life has been conducted offline).

That’s now obviously the case.

But this armpitch takes that trend to a whole nother place.

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