Having just caught up on the two most recent episodes of Bones, I’m annoyed after the fact at that whole how-to-use the new Windows 7 smartphone scene (also recorded here).

In the interrogation room, Bones’s phone beeps obnoxiously and Booth asks if she would turn that thing off. She objects, saying that she’s getting important information from the lab.

This plug could hardly be called true to character, because Bones’s demographic is blatantly not the one to which this phone was tailored and marketed. Plus, there was that whole “watch her navigate the OS and send a text back.”

This isn’t the first phone product placement on Bones by any means; off-hand I remember a time when Sweets whipped out his smartphone (anyone remember what phone that was?) because it had a “light” app, but at least it didn’t interrupt the story much and felt like something Sweets might do.

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