Last October, the blogosphere was full of commentary regarding the blatant product placement used in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s episode “The Great Recession” (see clip ).

Subsequently, Glenn Howerton – “Dennis” – took to his Twitter to defend the show:

11:05 AM Oct 8th : Just got back from vacay. Lotta love n quite a bit of hate on last week’s recession ep. Sounds like 50% got the joke and 50% did not

11:08 AM? Oct 8th: Although I will say FX was NOT supposed 2 accompany the ep. w all those fucking D&B’s and Coors commercials. That’s what fucks it up.

11:10 AM Oct 8th: If u watch the ep. w no commercials on DVD or iTunes or whatever u will like it a lot more. I promise. We learned our lesson on that one.

But did they?  Cue this season’s premiere, “Mac Fights Gay Marriage,” in which both Coors Light and Subway were featured heavily.  The question is, does this count as a joke too?  Or is it simply blatant selling out?  Dennis?

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