The Sneak ADtack staff is just getting around to our DVR’d cache of ABC’s “Castle,” and we couldn’t help noticing the blatant plugs for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and Bing search engine.

Not surprisingly, while we were taping, others were noticing first.

From PhoneArena about a month ago:

In its 30-second presence on ‘Castle,’ the WP7 device helps Nathan Fillion’s character to find a particular location with his voice-cued Bing Maps. It’s interesting to note that in all previous episodes of ‘Castle,’ Nathan Fillion’s character uses an iPhone. We don’t judge Microsoft for such shameless placement. Audience members that don’t have a DVR are often watching their shows online; it’s getting harder to reach your audience.

It’s also getting harder to watch primetime TV now that it features more plugs than Joe Biden’s head.

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

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