The Consumerist has announced the results of its 2nd annual Worst Ad in America poll, and they have a winner!

Handy chart of the finalists:

As you can see, the clear winner is Luvs’ Poop, There It Is!, a concept with a capital K if there ever was one.

Other worsts:

Most Grating Performance By A Human: The AT&T Flash Mob Dancer just barely edged out Flo the Progressive Insurance Lady

Group That Ought to Go Its Separate Ways: The Esurance Staff

Most Irritating Animated Actor: The CarFax Fox by a nose over the Aflac “major medical” pigeon

Celebrity Who Could Probably Use A New Manager Right Now: Hulk Hogan & Troy Aikman
for Rent a Center

And much more! Check them out –  voting is closed, but it’s fun just to play along at home.

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