The hardworking staff (and its wholly owned subsidiaries) has been on the nym wars - the battle over anonymity on the web – like Brown on Williamson (see Sneak ADtack! coverage here and here).

New grist for the mill (via the Center for Media Research):

Social Login Preferred to Site Registration

According to the Janrain Social Identity study, conducted by Blue Research, consumer frustration at being asked to register on a website continues to grow, and almost eight in ten people want social login to be offered as an alternative.

That is to say, 80% would apparently rather provide a verified identity (mostly through Facebook) than have the option of creating a new identity, including pseudonyms.

A new front in the nym wars.

Which, if you believe this survey, Facebook seems to be winning.

Originally posted on Campaign Outsider.

John R. Carroll, who also writes at Campaign Outsider and It's Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town, is an NPR media analyst and a journalism professor at Boston University.
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