Universal Pictures’ new release The Lorax features a major buildup and a major built-in: A marketing partnership with Mazda.


From Mediaite:


Really?! The Lorax Is Being Used To Shill For SUVs

Irony died this week when the hyper-saccharine, “rainbow-barf monstrosity” 3D-CG film adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax announced they were partnering with Mazda to greenwash their CX-5 sport utility vehicle. Are you kidding me?

Mother Jones‘ Kate Sheppard observes that “the car is a standard fuel-injection-engine SUV” and while, “apparently better than other SUVs on the market” it still was “not that good.”


The offending ad:



Mediaite’s conclusion: Shame on everyone involved in this abomination.


Sneak ADtack! conclusion: Amen.

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