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More two steps forward, one step (Face)back action.

Via Mashable:


Facebook Changes Privacy Controls, Forces Users to be Searchable

Facebook is rolling out new privacy controls Wednesday morning, while also taking away the option for you to hide from Facebook search.

The new privacy tools will make it easier for you to pick which of your friends or subscribers can view your personal info, status updates and photos, according to Reuters. It also makes it simpler for you to request that a photograph of yourself be taken down by the uploader.

Facebook is also making changes to your Activity Log, which will make it easier to see where your personal data is traveling across Facebook’s Open Graph. Another change: apps must separately ask for permission to tap into your personal information and to post status updates for you. Both actions were previously handled with a single request.

Along with the privacy changes comes the major change to search — you’ll no longer have the option to hide from other Facebook users looking for your name, according to the New York Times. That’s likely a move towards becoming a power player in online search — it’s not hard to imagine Facebook as a modern Yellow Pages replacement.


Translation: You’ll now be an open (Face)book, whether you Like it or not.

You like that?

The hardtracking staff says, us neither.


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