Come to think of it, Google and Facebook also totally pawn you.

From the New York Times:

Google to Sell Users’ Endorsements

SAN FRANCISCO — Those long-forgotten posts on social networks, from the pasta someone photographed to the rant about her dentist, are forgotten no more. Social networks want to make them easier to find, and in some cases, to show them in ads.

Google on Friday announced that it would soon be able to show users’ names, photos, ratings and comments in ads across the Web, endorsing marketers’ products. Facebook already runs similar endorsement ads. But on Thursday it, too, took a step to show personal information more broadly by changing its search settings to make it harder for users to hide from other people trying to find them on the social network.


As always, the digitaliths say it’s all about making things better for you.


Google and Facebook say that with the most recent changes, they are trying to offer users more comprehensive and personalized services.


Translation: We do what we want. Read the Times piece for further details.

But think about this: How hard would it be to unbundle your GoogleSphere (GMail, Docs, Maps, Calendar, and etc.). And where would you FaceGo from Facebook?

Admit it.

They pwn you.


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