A recent reader comment inspired me to dredge up an iconic product placement moment from one of the all-time greatest shows on television: Arrested Development.  Rumor has it that the deal was struck between Burger King and Fox before the writers were done with this particular episode (the iconic Motherboy XXX), prompting them to take it to the next level by making the promotion of Burger King as over the top as possible.

The (sub)plot: Psychologist-turned-failed-actor Tobias Funke meets his former mentor, Carl Weathers, at Burger King.  Weathers  is filming the latest episode of in-show show Scandalmakers, and reveals that Burger King has offered him a lot of money to set a scene there.

Carl: “Did you know you can get a refill on any drink here? And it’s free!”

Tobias: “It’s a wonderful restaurant!”

Narrator: “It sure is.”

So here’s the question, esteemed readers.  Obviously the eminently talented Arrested Development writers knew what they were doing when they wrote this scene.  Yes, Burger King is advertising to the viewer, but the viewer is acutely aware of it.  Does this cross the line?

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