Sneak ADtack’s old friend Campaign Outsider was on PRI’s Here & Now today, talking about branded entertainment:

Super Bowl’s Pre-Pre-Game Show Brought To You By Rent-A-Center

"Inside the Rings with Troy Aikman" will air on FOX before the Super Bowl pregame show. Rent-a-Center’s “Inside the Rings with Troy Aikman” will air on FOX before the Super Bowl pregame show.

Super Bowl commercials have become must-see TV for many, but some advertisers are finding a new way to get their message to consumers: by producing television shows themselves.

Before Fox begins its official Super Bowl coverage on Sunday, the network will air Rent-a-Center’s “Inside the Rings with Troy Aikman,” featuring Aikman and other NFL superstars, past and present. General Motors is producing “Inside The Vault,” a men’s lifestyle show that will feature GM vehicles. Several companies are also hiring big Hollywood names like Martin Scorsese to produce straight to the Internet mini-films to promote their products.

Here & Now media analyst and B.U. Mass Communication professor John Carroll joins us to discuss this trend of branded entertainment.

Hear here.

John R. Carroll, who also writes at Campaign Outsider and It's Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town, is an NPR media analyst and mass communication professor at Boston University.
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