Adam Sandler isn’t above much. His work will never be confused for high-brow comedy, and his humor hasn’t changed much since 1995. While his 21st century repertoire has been lackluster (in terms of quality acting, not revenue), his newest, Jack and Jill, looks like it’s luster is especially lacking.*

For starters, the stars of the film are Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler in drag. There’s your first red flag. But why this film is of any interest to us here at Sneak ADtack is its ad-centric qualities. The plot revolves around Jack, an ad man, who’s trying to land a big-time star for his client, Dunkin’ Donuts. This makes the film feel like– you guessed it– one giant advertisement. And Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t the only player. Want to see behind-the-scenes footage? It’s more like a Royal Caribbean ad. Peter Martin of called it “an exercise in product placement masquerading as a movie.” It seems like anyone who has seen the film finds it hard to disagree.

See how General Patton feels about Sandler’s newest effort below.

*Note: I haven’t seen the film, nor do I intend to. Masochism isn’t my thing.

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