About 200 Mommy bloggers just got a new Daddy (via the Wall Street Journal):

Disney Buys ‘Mom’ Blogs, Plans to Integrate Content

In a deal that could further blur the line between advertising and blogs, Walt Disney Co. is buying Babble Media Inc., whose website carries news for parents and blogs written by moms and dads.

Disney will offer its own cache of parenting-related content for use as links in blog posts on the five-year-old site, which carries articles by some 200 bloggers, including a few celebrity moms such as Samantha Bee of “The Daily Show” . . .

For example, if a blogger writes a Thanksgiving-related post about how to prepare an organic turkey, Babble’s editors could include links to Disney’s content about, say, festive table settings, said Brooke Chaffin, Disney Interactive Media Group’s senior vice president of Moms and Family.

“Senior vice president of Moms and Family.” Is this a great country or what.

Job titles aside, it’s clear the kind of work that’ll go on here – hanging Disney’s myriad products and services on the Momposts like so many Christmas ornaments. And it fits perfectly with Disney’s stepped-up efforts to define marketing down – in age.  The company recently launched Disney Baby products aimed at infants and newborns and purchased Kaboose, a Canadian firm operating websites for Moms and kids.

Welcome to Tomorrowland, boys and girls.

John R. Carroll is media analyst for NPR's Here & Now and senior news analyst for WBUR in Boston. He also writes at Campaign Outsider and It's Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town.
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