All this week the hardtracking staff has been on Facebook like Brown on Williamson. And here’s more fallout from The Grate Facebook Email that changes the site from a sort-of democracy to a flatout Markocracy.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

Facebook announced several other updates the day before Thanksgiving, including a change to the way consumers can filter private messages and one that will allow Facebook and its affiliates, such as photo application Instagram, to share user information.

Oh, great – more of that frictionless sharing the Markocrats always talk about.

Except, according to the Atlantic Wire, the sharing thing’s not going all that well these days:

Frictionless Sharing Hits the Skids at Facebook

One year into its quest to get us to passively share everything with each other all the time, it’s starting to sink in at Facebook that people aren’t very interested in bringing radical transparency to their digital lives. A sign of the times: at a panel [last month], Facebook’s manager of media partnerships, Andy Mitchell, explained that the company no longer thinks the future of the Internet is “passive sharing,” tweeted Liz Heron, director of social media and engagement at The Wall Street Journal, adding that Mitchell said the “user feedback” was “not strong.” It’s just one tweet from one digital panel, but it’s still surprising to hear that anyone at Facebook is willing to publicly acknowledge that people are reluctant to share after the social network has been going so strongly in an always be sharing direction.

One small step for social mankind, eh?


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