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Given all the ads in sheep’s clothing we see here in America, it’s easy to think the US has a monopoly on stealth marketing. Not so, according to this post on The Wall blog in the UK:

How branded content is evolving

With branded content being a constant topic of conversation in 2012, certainly as far as the last six months were concerned, this is a timely infographic from the Content Marketing Association. It takes a look at how branded content has and is evolving.  In a year, it is estimated that a consumer has over 379,000 brand experiences; in fact on a typical journey to work the average person can expect to interact with 170 brands with all of them competing fiercely for one thing: consumer attention.

So, the Content Marketing Association concludes, “Content becomes the brands’ side of the value exchange – providing customers with interesting and relevant information in return for their time.

The value exchange, eh?

Paging George Orwell. Paging Mr. George Orwell.

Helpful graphic:




Yow. That’s a lotta content marketing.

News outlets: Watch your six.


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