Advertisers to media content producers:

Stick it in!

From MediaPost’s Center for Media Research:


Product Placement An Emerging Brand Marketing Solution

According to the PQ Media Global Product Placement Spending Forecast 2012-2016, US marketers continue to up their investment in product placement to connect with harder-to-reach, multitasking consumers who are using digital and wireless technology to consume content more often and to view advertising less frequently . . .

The total US product placement spending is expected to finish in 2012 to $4.75 billion, fueled by strong growth in paid integrations on TV, internet, mobile and music media, as brands pursue alternative marketing solutions.

Product placement, as defined in this study, is a marketing tactic used by advertisers in which the objective is to integrate brand names, logos or products into non-ad content of media, such as TV, film, internet, mobile, videogames and music.

[Executive summary here.]


Of course, one man’s marketing solution is another man’s marketing intrusion.

Case in point:



You might think, “That’s just too egregiously awful to be real.”

You’d be wrong.

From the MediaPost report:


Patrick Quinn, CEO of PQ Media, concludes that  “… technological advancements… fast-moving, 21st century end users… increased accessibility to content and faster media consumption… (are) driving brands to invest in alternative media tactics…”


Hardtracking staff prediction: Alternative media tactics by brands will drive end users to . . . alternative media.

File under: The law of diminishing returns.


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